Triscom successful entrepreneur, Dutch Business Magazine, June 2018

25 June 2018 • By Primavita

Behind the walls of historical buildings lies an international producer of baby food

Nostalgic feelings and modern entrepreneurship mix perfectly together at Heino's family business.

It was a small item of about 10 lines in regional media. Without a doubt missed by many local entrepreneurs. Triscom, the baby formula producer from Heino, has signed a 50 million euro deal for 3 years during a national trading mission to China with exclusive agent GSTT Beijing. Reason enough to search for the succesfactor of the company.

Don't make the mistake to assume that the very historical building is just a workspace for owners (and couple) Koos de Koning and Jessica Geerligs. When they arrived in Heino 4 years ago, they first visited the local history assocation. "We wanted to know more about the history and we quickly learned we came to work in a piece of industrial heritage", Jessica said, which was acompanied by daughter Eva in the interview. Eva is working, as well as her fiancee, in the family business.

Industrial heritage or not, it shouldn't be an issue to modernise. Triscom has nonetheless made a clear statement to preserve as much as possible. A tiled floor from early times and the color dark brown abundantly present in the meeting room."We have even added old pictures from the time that farmers brought the milk to the factory with horse and carriage. It feels like a warm coat for us".

The clear authenticity really fits with the family business. They get a lot of positive reactions about the look of the offices and factory. The choice of the nostalgic office stems from the take-over of IDH. As regular customer of IDH, the couple had the oppertunity to take-over the factory. "It gaves us an unique oppertunity for a production line of our own. By the way, IDH still works for other customers as well".